Something Funky is Going on in South Africa

Something Funky is Going on in South Africa

Big Diamond Found at Cullinan Mine!

In the past five years Petra Diamonds has unearthed about 200 carats of diamonds. Including famous stones such as the Star of Josephine and the Cullinan Blue Diamond that weighed an approximate 25.5 carats.  

Although the Cullinan mine located in South Africa has an estimated 50 more years of finding diamonds Petra is one of the most active mines in Africa. They are responsible for finding the biggest and rarest diamonds found on Earth today. In 1905 the Cullinan Mine was responsible for finding a 3,106 carat diamond that was initially called “too big”, but in later years was formed to be crown jewels for King Edward VII.

The most recent discovery for Petra was the 122.52 carat blue diamond. True blue diamonds are some of the rarest found, right behind red.  The reason for the blue hue is a chemical imbalance. There is more boron within the crystal which creates a blue coloration. The less or more amount of boron the higher quality blue you will have.

This diamond is the size of a strawberry and is selling for $101 million! There is no official buyer for the diamond yet, or a cut that has been established. 1 carat is equivalent to 1/5 grams. So this diamond is weighing in at a hefty 25 grams. Diamond experts are calling this stone “exceptional” quality. From the roughness you can still see the clarity of the diamond is phenomenal. There are no apparent inclusions from the photographs we have seen!

There is a legend according to Dailymail that blue stones have curses for selling purposes, ” The 45-carat blue Hope Diamond, which is said to put a curse on its owner, is worth more than £200million. It is thought to have been stolen in 1653 in India from a statue of Hindu goddess Sita by Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who was reported to have been killed by rabid dogs at the age of 84. The diamond is also known as Le Bijou du Roi, or The King’s Jewel, and was owned by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who were guillotined in 1793 by the French revolutionaries. It is then thought to have been smuggled to London. Lord Francis Hope, after whose family it is named, had to sell it in 1894 after going bankrupt. Another supposed victim, Prince Ivan Kanitovski, was killed by Russian revolutionaries. Today it is in the Smithsonian natural history museum in Washington.”

Hopefully this isn’t the case for this stone!

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