Spotlight On: Cluster Engagement Rings

Cluster engagements rings, just as the name says, clusters several diamonds together, creating a beautifully simple or fancy piece of jewelry with endless possibilities. This style ring is a great alternative to the traditional solitaire ring, not only because it is unique and special, but it’s also significantly less money.

Spotlight On: Cluster Engagement Rings

Creating a Cluster. The majority of cluster rings are formed using round brilliant diamonds and features a prong setting. Prong settings are typically used because it allows the jeweler to set the stones side by side, often with shared prongs. However, another common style is the use of a center stone surrounded by diamonds. Sometimes, though, the rules are broken and you’ll see a cluster engagement ring with other diamond shapes, like an oval shaped diamond.

Why Less Expensive? It’s understandable to think that cluster engagement rings settings should be more expensive because of their fancier design and compared to the simple prong set solitaire engagement ring, you may be right. However, the setting is only part of the overall cost of the ring. The most expensive part of the ring is the diamonds. Larger diamonds are obviously most expensive, but cluster engagement rings use many smaller stones compared to the solitaire engagement ring, which just has one large diamond.

Versatility. Yes, diamond cluster rings are mostly used as engagement rings, but they can also be used as just another fancy ring for a night out with the girls. Maybe a cluster engagement ring isn’t right for you when it comes to symbolizing commitment, but a cluster ring might be just what you need to polish off your perfect outfit for a Friday night.

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