Spotlight on: Transformers Engagement Ring

Spotlight on: Transformers Engagement Ring

Transformers Engagement Ring

Engagement ring trends are continuously changing, one of the most prominent trend is designing your own engagement ring. Many sites like BlueNile allow the consumer to pick the specific diamond, the setting design, and metal. Leah King recently had her engagement ring go viral because of the immaculate design her husband put in to creating it. 

With the new release of Transformers: Age of Extinction we thought what better way to show you a custom designed engagement ring. Leah and her husband are huge Transformers fans, and so the engagement ring was nothing shy of an Optimus Prime inspired ring. The bezel of the ring is a complete face of the well known transformer set in a solitaire setting. The ring is single shank with no diamonds, on the bezel of the ring there are small round brilliant stones that strategically map out where Optimus Prime’s forehead area would be. The center stone is round brilliant which is the most commonly used center stone.

With the growing popularity of Leah’s engagement ring, she posted the proposal video to youtube, here is what she had to say about the engagement.

“Just a couple days ago my engagement ring (which I posted nearly a year ago) suddenly went viral and now my ring is featured everywhere! I decided it was high time to post the proposal my fiance (now husband) gave to me.

About a year and half ago when we first started dating, my husband Kelly and I set out to build a pair of Transformers costumes for Halloween. This happened the day my costume was completed. Kelly said we should go to the park and video tape me walking around in my costume for a test run and I agreed. I had NO idea this was the moment he chose to propose…so I was trying to get into character (of a Decepticon).

Suddenly he gets down on one knee and I start crying…HE thinks I was crying because I couldn’t say yes…but I did :D And we’ve been happily married for almost a year now.”

Untraditional engagement rings are not only used as an inexpensive outlet for men, designing and being a part of the creative process is romantic personal. An engagement ring should always be a sentimental item that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It is the symbolization of becoming one and bonding with your significant other. Some tips for designing your own engagement ring, make it something that you know your girlfriend likes, for example if she requests a round diamond ring, make sure to incorporate her suggestions. Also if you are making a themed engagement ring, make sure to incorporate something you both love, and what brings you closer together.

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