Top 7 Gemstones to Look Forward to This Summer

Top 7 Gemstones to Look Forward to This Summer

Gemstones to Have this SummerIts almost that time of year that most of Americans look forward to: summer. Color Solutions International is just one fashion company that has released the official color swatches of summer. This year warm tones, cool tones and neutrals are fashionable so we have compiled the top 7 gemstones that will help emphasize your style. 

1. Aquamarine

This gemstones has the pigmentation of green, transparent and blue. What makes this great for the summer time is its light blue tones. Electric blue is one of the colors on the spring/summer list of 2014 so spicing your ensemble with a beautiful aquamarine piece of jewelry is a must. Aquamarine Gemstones consist of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate makeups, the gemstone usually is very clean internally with minor inclusions. Another great quality of aquamarine is that it is very soft in comparison to a diamond which allows it to be cut into virtually any shape.

2. Citrine

Citrine is part of the quartz family, it is an eye popping yellowish orange color that was practically made for the summer time! Citrine can come in almost any shape as well and there are also variations of shades it is made too. For example there can be either a reddish tint or more orange pigmentation. In 1556 Georg Bauer, “The Father of Modern Mineralogy” changed the name of this gemstone from yellow quartz to citrine. Depending on the color tone you can rock this gem with neutral tones or blues.

3. Turquoise 

Depending on the type of turquoise this gemstone can be a bit pricey, but it matches the summer swatches immaculately! Brands like Van Cleef & Arpels are masters of monopolizing rare turquoise. They have vintage alhmabra pieces that are just to die for. This is a style that can be reproduced on sites like Etsy if you don’t have cash to shell out.

4. Coral

Every summer there is a bright color that is so ascetically pleasing it seems as though it was made for the season. Coral is definitely that color! It comes in many different cuts, but one of the most stunning quality this gemstone has is being able to be carved. Coral is amazing for yellows, neutrals and green shades.

5. Topaz

Like aquamarine Topaz is a cool blue color, it is a bit more colorful and gives you a deeper teal tint. Imagine taking a cruise to a tropical island and looking out at the water with your long island ice tea in hand. The color of the ocean is the epitome of what a topaz in the summer looks like. It is gorgeous and we highly recommend it!

6. Opal

One interesting thing about Opal gemstones is that the multi-coloration of them can be altered if a black onyx slab is put behind the gem. Opals are a off-white stone that has flakes of metallic colored tones. Depending on the light they can give you a rainbow coloration. These are inexpensive and look great on pendants, earrings and rings!

7. Calcedony 

Calcedony stones are the perfect summer treat. This is a lime green color, which is one of the colors of summer and spring according to Color Solution International! Our favorite cut is the cabochon. It is a smooth round shape that makes the stone appear light hearted and fun.

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