Super Easy Tips to Test if Your Diamond is Real

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Super Easy Tips to Test if Your Diamond is Real

If you ever buy a diamond and have  doubts about whether it is authentic or not there are some easy remedies to ease your mind. Some tips to keep in mind for spotting a fake diamonds is that diamonds can scratch sandpaper or a sheet of glass. Some fakes are made more precise and professional so scraping it on various objects might not work. Also keep in mind that a real diamond does not show up on an X-ray scanner!It also doesn’t react to heat.

Now some fun activities you can do to test your diamond out is the reading test! Diamonds are known to refract light. In other words, diamonds bend light that passes through them. If you hold an unmounted diamond face down on a magazine print, book, or anything with words the diamond shouldn’t be able to clearly magnify the words. You can also weigh your stone! cubic zirconium is 55% heavier than an actual diamond. If you have a scale at home first research your diamond to see what the weight should be. If it weighs more than that your stone is most likely not real.

Sometimes these steps wont work because there are diamonds that have been chemically created by scientists to fit the same characteristics as an actual diamond. Spending money can be a necessity in discovering the true facts about your diamond. Diamond indicators range from $15 Dollars all the way to hundreds of dollars. The way this gadget works is you hold your diamond up to the indicator, if the diamond indicator spots a light and starts beeping the diamond is real. It is one of the most accurate and easy ways to spot a fake. You can also purchase a jewelers loop. This is used by every jeweler. It is a essential item to own because it helps determine the color and clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are internally flawless (which means no spots or inclusions) are very hard to come by. Also diamonds that have absolutely no color in them are just as rare. So an internally flawless, colorless diamond is usually excessively priced and infrequent. Using a jewelers loop, if your diamond has no inclusions and no color there is a high probability it is fake unless you paid a fortune for it.Testing a diamond to tell if it is real can only take you so far. We recommend getting it sent into a laboratory that specializes in finding out the characteristics of a diamond. Some good places are GIA, AGSL,LGP and PGGL. This is the most precise way in finding out if a diamond is real.

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