Sweet Wedding Day Surprises

wedding day surprise


Everyone is a little bit frantic on the wedding day, even the groom, so why not do a little something extra to remind your future spouse that this day is all about the two of you being united? After all didn’t he get you a beautiful engagement ring of your dreams? Here are a few suggestions that will pleasantly surprise him on the big day.

  1. Have ‘I love you’ embroidered on his shirt collar or cuff. Just a sweet little reminder of your feelings for each other.
  2. Keep an engagement diary to give him that keeps track of all of your favorites moments since you’ve been together. Use titles like “How I Knew You Were the One” or  “The First Date Disaster.”
  3. Bring some props for when the photographer takes your pictures. He is sure to have fun with fake mustaches and a monocle!
  4. Send him a couple of sweet little texts throughout the day. Original or not, he will appreciate the attention in all the chaos.
  5. A little gift never hurt anyone. If he’s a sports fan, treat him with memorabilia signed by his favorite player. If he prefers books, find him a first edition of one of his favorite novels.
  6. Did you turn him down on a lot of his suggestions? Like having his high school punk band perform at the reception or having a superhero theme? Surprise him and arrange one of his “wants” to show how much you love him. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy an Elvis impersonator?
  7. What guy doesn’t want a coupon book filled with “1 free massage” or “1 breakfast in bed”?
  8. Put in a special request to the DJ or band to play a song by his favorite band, even if it is an odd selection for your wedding day. He will love it.
  9. Does he love adventure? After you say your “I dos” let him know that on your honeymoon you’ve set up a day to bungee jump or drive some fancy sports car.
  10. At the reception, have a man bar set up, decked out with cigars and scotch. Then take in all the praise from his buddies because you are, in fact, the world’s coolest wife.


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