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DIY Drinks for Cocktail Hour So you want to have some do it yourself drinks at your wedding during cocktail hour? Depending on the venue you should be able to do this, just use the vendors liquors. This will bring an intimate setting for your guests to connect!  Strawberry Vodka Mixed Drink The first drink on the list is a Strawberry Vodka mixed drink. This drink is de-lic-ous! This recipe is intended for about 2 pints, if you need to make more just double up the recipe. Items you will need: 1 Bottle of vodka (any brand) Strawberries Coffee filter Read More →

Do it Yourself Wedding Ideas!   Want to add some personal crafts to your special day, but don’t know where to even start! Here is a compilation of crafty ideas that can help make your wedding stand out! 1. Drinks Most couples have different tastes in drinks, men like the darker liquors such as whiskey, spiced rum, etc. Women on the other hand want a more feminine drink such as cosmopolitans and mixed fruity drinks. Making a compilation sign on saying HIS and the other saying HERS and the drinks that you are offering is a cute way to make sure Read More →