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Are you in the market for an engagement ring, but not sure where to start?! Take this quiz to discover which designer fits perfectly with you! Read up a little on each designer to find which one matches best with you! Lets find out! Match up the engagement ring up with their designers below and check your answers after at the very bottom! Good luck diamond divas! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.   A) RITANI: “Ritani is a high-end jewelry brand modernizing the way people purchase diamond engagement rings and jewelry. Founded in 1999, Ritani marries the online shopping Read More →

Julia Roberts Isn’t Too Thrilled About Emma Roberts Engagement  American Horror Story star Emma Roberts is allegedly engaged to co-star Evan Peters. The couple have been officially dating for 6 months now and have had a whirlwind of stories published about them this year. 26- year old Evan Peters dropped charges against 22- year old Emma Roberts for domestic violence charges. Roberts supposedly broke Peters’s nose. Her father is Eric Roberts after all. The two spent New Years in London where Peters proposed with a rose gold engagement ring. The ring was debuted on the Red Carpet of the Golden Read More →