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5 DIY Beauty Tips to do Before Tying the Knot Walking down the aisle can be pricey. Cut those costs by doing some things yourself! Here are 5 Do it Yourself home remedies that can help improve your skin and body before the big day. Coffee to Rid the Redness: The first thing you could do is a caffeine mask for your face. The ingredients consist of used or new ground coffee, whole milk and cocoa powder. Mix some ground coffee and whole milk together until you get a pasty consistency. Add a bit of cocoa powder to make the Read More →

5 Registry Gifts That Will Change Your Life Instead of registering a random wedding boutique, why not think strategically and register gifts that you not only cant live with out, but your guests won’t spend a fortune on. These are some amazing gifts that a married couple should never live without. The first one is of course, the magic bullet. This is such a versatile product. Your husband can make a protein shake in less than 10 seconds and then you can make a fruit smoothie right in that same minute! This product has special blades in the shape of Read More →

Most people assume the more calories they burn, or the more weights the lift the slimmer they actually will become. This could be true for the first couple of pounds, but it is all about what you are consuming. Your body is sort of like a machine. If you pollute  your body with junk and then burn it off your body will slowly deteriorate. The list of 10 foods have been scientifically proven to reduce your appetite and naturally stimulate energy! 1. Cabbage- cabbage is one of those Irish traditional foods that is full of vitamins and antioxidants! There is Read More →