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Celebrating your love year after year has been an age old tradition dating back to Adam and Eve times, however its the milestone anniversaries that calls for some real celebrating. Use this time to really show your man how much you love him with a gift that puts a new spin on old traditions. If you were to Google “Milestone Anniversary Gifts” a list of rather vague materials pop up for traditional anniversary gifts. Although this can not be exactly what you had in mind when the traditional gift reads “Tin”, however you can turn this traditional gift into an Read More →

14 Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day if You’re Single We can all admit that Valentine’s Day can be something we all dread, but sometimes there are reasons to look at the glass half full! If you are alone, single or just not in a Valentine’s mood, we have 15 reasons why you should take full reins of this day and just have fun! 1. A Reason to Connect With Your Friends: On V-Day single ladies tend to group up go out, and have a fun night or day. If you have been stressing over not having the perfect man, just set Read More →

Why is Gold the Best Investment a Person Can Make?  During an economy that fluctuates so often we wonder, why is gold the only sure thing that people should invest in? Lets track back to the start of gold and why it played such an important role in society. Gold can be stretched back as far as being published in the bible. It was said that gold was a combination of dense water and sunlight and was referred to over 400 times. The first gold coin came into existence in 560 BC and was used by the Lydians. It was Read More →