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I never really understood why men never wore an engagement ring before now, the trend was sparked in the late 1920’s by jewelers around the United states. With countless efforts made by major companies such as Macy’s, who tried to promote diamond rings for men but were unsuccessful due to the wide spread assumption of femininity that came along with diamond rings.  According to Urban Dictionary a Mangagemet ring is “an  engagement ring  worn by a man. Often worn by men in a relationship with a more progressive partner. Usually applies to heterosexual couples. Man + Engagement Ring= Mangagement ring” Read More →

Amber Heard Does Everything Possible to Hide Engagement Ring The Rum Diary star Amber Heard left an L.A. restaurant earlier this week, on her way out she did everything possible to hide the view of her sparkler. The starlet has been on and off with Johnny Depp since 2011 where they met on the set of their movie together The Rum Diary. The movie was directed and written by Bruce Robinson with the premise of an American journalist Paul Kemp who becomes a freelancer for a local newspaper in Puerto Rico during the 60’s he can’t find a good balance between island culture Read More →