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Kat Von D Plans for an Underwater Themed Wedding We can’t believe it either! The tatted up rocker chick, Kat Von D is actually in the midst of planning her wedding with DeadMau5 dj Joe Zimmerman. Zimmerman proposed to Kat via Twitter back in December. We never thought the pair would take the more traditional route for a wedding, but they are pulling their inspiration from a really peculiar source. A tale “The Call of Cthulhu” is a book that the couple both had a mutual love for. It is a tale about a man who is part human, part Read More →

Not too long ago we heard about Jesse James proposing for about the hundredth time – and now it’s time for one of his exes to walk down the aisle. Kat Von D was proposed to by her on again off again beau Dance DJ Deadmau5. You may be wondering how he popped the question to the tatted up babe. Were there candles and flowers? Did he get down on one knee? Well, not exactly. In fact, Deadmau5 asked her to marry him in a pretty nontraditional way – via Twitter.  Interesting way to get engaged, huh? Kat Von D Read More →

The obvious choice after cheating on America’s Sweetheart and having three failed marriages? Well, to get engaged again, of course! It looks as though reality TV star  Jesse James, 43, is engaged and ready to walk down the aisle again. Jesse James – Engaged Yet Again It’s only been about two years since Jesse divorced Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock, but now he is set to tie the knot with Alexa DeJoria. In October, news broke that the couple had been dating for just about a month, but apparently their bond over motor racing was all they needed to fall Read More →