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Julia Roberts Isn’t Too Thrilled About Emma Roberts Engagement  American Horror Story star Emma Roberts is allegedly engaged to co-star Evan Peters. The couple have been officially dating for 6 months now and have had a whirlwind of stories published about them this year. 26- year old Evan Peters dropped charges against 22- year old Emma Roberts for domestic violence charges. Roberts supposedly broke Peters’s nose. Her father is Eric Roberts after all. The two spent New Years in London where Peters proposed with a rose gold engagement ring. The ring was debuted on the Red Carpet of the Golden Read More →

New Years Snow in Chicago Costs Jeweler $151,000 Ever taken a gamble you were 99.9% sure you would win? Rich and Peggy Bennett, owners of P.K. Bennett in Chigago made a promise to customers if it snowed 3.5 inches by noon on New Years all holiday jewelry would be free. According to the National Weather Service it snowed 3.7 inches which lost Bennett’s company $151,000! Bennett says he is happy to lose the gamble, it helps his business out tremendously. He is even set to have a champagne party for his customers. Prior to New Years Bennett launched a promotion, Read More →

Check out the Bling on Caroline Wozniacki! Incase you don’t know who this blond bombshell is she is a Danish tennis player who has had the title of World No. 1 on the WTA tour. The 23 year old athlete just has been linked to UK gold star Rory McIlroy for a year now. McIlroy is from Holywood, United Kingdom and is part of both European and PGA tours. He is 24 and also scoring big on the field. McIlroy has held number one titles and is a two-time champion. Both Wozniacki and McIlroy announced their engagement via twitter on New Years Day. Wozniacki Read More →

5 Cool, Outlandish Engagement Ring Boxes Want to get engaged, but what to blow your future bride away with a quirky box that will confuse her and make the surprise even more unexpected? First figure out what she loves, it is right around the holidays so if she is into geeky toys get her a hollow Rubik Cube and store your sparkler inside it! Here are some cool unique boxes to store your engagement ring in before you propose! 1. Rubik Cube This is for the unique couple that loves watching old Star Wars movies and nestling up with some Read More →

Holidays, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, are the most popular time for engagements. There are several ways to ask your true love to marry you, but before you pop the engagement question there are also several dos and don’ts that you should consider before proposing. Holiday Engagement: Do’s and Don’ts Do’s It is important that you think carefully about how, where and when you plan to propose. Women vary in how they feel about being asked in front of others and your girlfriend may prefer the moment to be special between the two of you as opposed to Read More →

Did you know that December is the most popular month to get engaged? Maybe its just the mistletoe, but proposing during the holidays has caught on big. Here are 4 trends to take into account when considering a holiday engagement. Holiday Engagement Trends A quarter of all women think the proposal is more important than the wedding. The man probably won’t be planning too much of the ceremony so this is a good time for him to make his mark on the marriage. 50 percent of women would rather the money be spent on the ring and not the proposal. Read More →