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The Ring Ryan Gosling Should Get for Eva Mendes I know we are all a little in shock about the recent news that Eva Mendes is pregnant with the stunning Ryan Gosling’s baby. We were all under the delusional impression that one day Rachel McAdam’s and him would find a way back in to love, or he would fall in love with us. Regardless, he is with Eva now and we all need to find a way to accept it. We aren’t psychic or anything, but we can feel an engagement on the brink. So why not compile a list Read More →

Jennifer Love Hewitt Not Only Expecting, But Also Engaged! Jennifer Love Hewitt is not only glowing because of the news that she is pregnant, but a day after announcing her baby bump the star also admitted she was engaged to co-star of the hit show The Client List Brian Hillisay. Brian Hillisay and Jennifer Love Hewitt are both 34 and have a history together. The two dated during the brief NBC show they both starred on, Love Bites. After Brian was casted on Hewitt’s show the pair rekindled their flame. The couple had only been dating for 15 months before Read More →