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  New year, new wedding season! What will you do with your special day to separate yours apart from the rest? Well we have the perfect tips for you to make your day STAND out from all the other weddings this season! No need to get stressed, from Bridesmaids gowns to guest party favors we’ve got you covered! The Dress… The perfect wedding dress is something every girl has dreamed about since birth. Instead of going with traditional “white” dress, women are beginning to mix it up with pastels, ivory and lace. Make your dress the talk of the year Read More →

You’ve made it this far. You have navigated dress selections, wedding ring shopping and location woes… But your wedding day can be one of the most stressful days of your life. Of course, it’s a day filled with love and happiness, but the road there can be a bit, well, trying on your nerves. Here are a few tips to help you relax before the big day. Wedding Day Stress? 6 Ways to Relax Before Your Wedding Get a Massage. Massage is the perfect way to relieve all of your built up tension. Switch it up a little and try Read More →

  Everyone is a little bit frantic on the wedding day, even the groom, so why not do a little something extra to remind your future spouse that this day is all about the two of you being united? After all didn’t he get you a beautiful engagement ring of your dreams? Here are a few suggestions that will pleasantly surprise him on the big day. Have ‘I love you’ embroidered on his shirt collar or cuff. Just a sweet little reminder of your feelings for each other. Keep an engagement diary to give him that keeps track of all Read More →