Take a Look at the Clifton Engagement Ring Box

Take a Look at the Clifton Engagement Ring Box

The Clifton Ring Box

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the newest type of engagement ring box. It has the depth of a credit card and will fit in your wallet! Once opened it displays the engagement ring on a raised setting. This box will cost you around $90, but well worth it to conceal that special question.

Many guys don’t know how to be sneaky with an engagement because the ring box shows quite the bulge through pants. In 2011 Andrew Zo a packaging designer designed a ring box that was going to help conceal the engagement ring more appropriately. The box’s first name was the “Packed Engagement Ring” but later was renamed to the “Clifton”.

“At approximately 1 cm thick, Clifton presents the ring with delightful flower blooming effect when opened, enhancing the moment,” the website for the Clifton says.

This ring box has become so popular Zo said the company has to hold all new orders until October! We can already feel this product taking off dramatically and changing the way men propose forever! According to the website for the Clifton, “Clifton is currently experiencing an overwhelming demand. Clifton will be taking orders starting in October again, please stay tuned.”

How does it work:

The box is so sleek that many wonder, how does it open up to become the perfect engagement ring setting? The ring lays flat within the box, but once open spins upwards like a pop-up book. Once turned and lifted up upon opening the ring basically presents itself. We wonder what Andrew Zo will think of next for wedding packaging because this one really blows our mind!

Check out their website here for more details on the “Clifton” ring box.

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