Technology Takes a Turn in The Right Direction: 3D Jewelry Printing

Technology Takes a Turn in The Right Direction: 3D Jewelry Printing

This Piece of Jewelry was Printed from a 3D Machine!

3D printing is one of the most innovative creations of our time. Up until recently the technology only went as far as printing small pieces of cartilage and various clothing like underwear. Recently introduced this year was precious metal jewelry printing. New York metal fabricator company Cooksongold which is also a global supplier teamed up with 3D printing company A3DM. The partnership plans on bringing precious metal printing to North America.

The partnership was just announced during the MJSA Expo New York, which wrapped up this Tuesday. The outcome was very satisfactory and many of the observers responded well to the futuristic products Cooksongold and A3DM plans on releasing to the public. Electro Optical Systems (EOS) has been suppling the precious metal powder used in making printed jewelry. As of right now 18 karat yellow and rose gold are the only options for printing, but it is estimated that later this year sterling silver and 18 karat white gold will become available.

“The main difference with these [machines] is that they are capturing every single pieces of metal for use,” said president of A3DM Steven Adler. He then added “The Cooksongold-EOS development of a turn-key solution for direct printing of precious metals will enable designers to produce unique luxury products unconstrained by conventional production techniques.”

The new technology can help the jewelry market out immensely. If a retailer buys a 3D printer there can be a whole new market for designing your own jewelry. Like the 3D printing underwear customers can order and design a product and pick it up later that day!

The company plans on distributing printing machines and jewelry in November of 2014 but has not released an official price. Adler says if a customer is interested they may reach out to the company to receive more information. His email is

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