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So it seems that your guy is acting a bit weird these days, maybe a little too weird. Everything seems to be in order, he is saving money, keeping his place clean, and even taking you out on dates more. If this is your guy all the time, well congratulations. But if you are like the hundreds of women out there who can barley get her man to order take out, rather then get taken out, this may mean he has something in the works. It can be many things that has your man acting off, maybe your guy is coming down with the flu, or he may be planning on popping the question. Here are some telltale signs that may indicate a proposal in your near future.

Yes IDO!

Depending on how long you two have been a couple, most couples are aware of their partners daily routine. If your man is changing things up about his day, maybe taking longer lunches or a longer time to get home from the office, this may be a hint as to where he is spending his free time. The jewelery store. If you are noticing him acting off and secretive about where he is running off to every time he goes MIA, you may not want to pry. Those women who go snooping into their partners business prior to getting married can be a bad sign for the future. Don’t go snooping around his things trying to find out when and where he is going to propose. This can ruin the surprise he had planned and potentially ruin the relationship itself if he thinks you don’t trust him.

Puppy Love

Has he been making compliments on your jewelery lately? Or maybe even sneaking around your jewelery box? No need to panic and think that he is about to go pawn your estate jewels passed down from your family’s generations. He is probably looking for your ring size, and getting a sense for your taste in jewelry. You have to keep in mind that most men are completely clueless when it comes to buying an engagement ring. So if he is going out of his way to snoop around your gems, I would let him do it without him knowing you know. At least he is trying right? Best way to drop a hint of the engagement ring style you prefer would be to leave out magazine pictures of rings you adore. That way he can pick up on the ques much easier then rummaging through your jewelery box.

About Damn Time

Going from big spender to big saver is one of the biggest signs that he is saving up for a major purchase. Instead of that 72″ plasma screen TV he was fixated on for months is now been put on the back burner. Unless you are 100% sure of what he is saving up for, don’t go getting your hopes up about a diamond ring. Even though that may be the case, nothing is worse then getting your hopes up and being let down. Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you have seen the film Legally Blonde, the scene where Elle goes on her big date in hopes of getting engaged to only get dumped instead, is not something that happens only in the movies. I’m sure this has happened to many women across the world. Even if you have received hundreds of hints that he is going to propose, don’t go spreading the word until he does!

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