The Do’s and Dont’s When it Comes to Marriage Proposals

The Do's and Dont's When it Comes to Marriage Proposals

You are finally ready to take the plunge and ask your significant other to become your wife. Everyone always tells you how everything must be perfect, but to be honest not many things go as perfectly as planned, especially when it comes to moments such as this. So fellas, no need to panic, we have gathered the best advise we could dig up to when it comes to asking your women to become your wife. The rest is up to you to pull it off!

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Don’t Ask Empty Handed

This in the number one rule when it comes to proposals, never ask empty handed! This should be self explanatory, however you will be shocked over the number of times women have been proposed to without the guy having the actual ring. Its tacky and not romantic in any way, it looks spur of the moment and unplanned rather then someone who has is really ready for marriage.

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Keep it on the DL

Once you have mapped out your plan for poping the question, be sure to keep it to yourself! Unless you are planning on incorporating other people in this proposal, keep the details to yourself. This is something people will be excited to hear about from the both of you, not just how you are planning it out. In the rare cases, she may say no, so spreading the word about your proposal before its done should be avoided!

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Wait for the Right Moment

You’ve done all your research, and have finally picked out the perfect dream ring for her, the next phase of planning can take some hard work as well. Be sure not to pop the question without planning on doing so first. With careful planning, this will ensure a picture perfect proposal that will be told throughout the lifetime you two will spend together.

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Proposing in Front of an Audience

Your so excited about proposing to your lady that if you could you would shout it out to the world! However most women prefer to keep it a one-on-one occasion. Try not to plan your proposal at a huge public event or somewhere where she is going to feel put on the spot and embarrassed. Be sure to scale out your night when it comes to the setting and public places. This does not mean however that all public places are off limits, the place where you had your first date is always a good setting, or even at a sports event (depending on the girl).

Fellas remember to be confident, charming and excited when it comes to proposing to the women of your dreams!

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