The Four C’s of Diamonds

If finding the perfect man wasn’t already hard enough, how would one find the perfect Diamond ring? When it comes to diamonds, the options are limitless, but it is very important to remember the four c’s when shopping for your ring; cut, color, carat, clarity. The simplest way that I have found is to start with the shape. Following, we have broken down some examples of the most popular Diamond shapes as well as some information on what to look for.

Four C's


Round Diamonds are by far the most favored of diamond shapes. Representing over 75% of all diamonds sold, round shaped diamonds command attention to detail as well as light reflections. With the use of reflection and refraction of the light, the round shape creates a dome that in turn maximizes its brilliance.

Princess Cut is known as the second most popular diamond shape, it is square, or rectangle with pointed corners and facets. This always looks best with diamonds of color.

Emerald Diamonds are simply elegant. The diamond is  shaped as a rectangle with intricate facets, although they have fewer facets then other cuts however it makes the clarity more pronounced and easier to declare. Therefore if this Diamond cut is the one for you, be sure to get a diamond with high clarity.

Cushion cut diamonds are my personal favorite. Although this particular cut isn’t seen frequently, it is round in shape and has a “pillow” like look to it. This cut is ideal with a halo that sets the diamond in a perfect mounting.

Asscher cut diamonds are rare in sight but a sight to see indeed! It is similar to the emerald cut, although it is a bit more square. It was recently originated in the 20th century, and has grown in popularity tremendously.

Marquise diamonds are tricky. Its oval shape tapered ends gives the illusion that the diamond is larger then it really is. The facets also allow light to enter from each end of the stone, creating a beautiful illuminating diamond.



Diamonds come in various colors, however it is considered to be more valuable when there is no color. Diamonds come in Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple and of course white.


Carat is the measure of the diamonds weight. The value of the stone goes up exponentially when the carat weight does. 1 carat measures = 0.2 grams, equivalent to the weight of a paperclip.



When it comes to diamonds, they are known to be flawless, however in most cases they aren’t.  Clarity measures how clear the diamond is to the naked eye, usually measured using a magnifying glass known as a loop.

F- flawless (extremely rare)

IF- Internally Flawless

VVS1/VVS2 -Very very slightly included

VS1/VS2 – Very slightly included

SI1/SI2 -Slightly included

I1/I2/I3 -Included

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