The History of Diamonds

The History of Diamonds

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Diamonds are the most natural thing created on the earth. It has one main ingredient and that’s carbon. A diamond is a natural makeup of crystalline carbon that has been brought to the earths surface by volcanic eruptions. The reason everyone crazes over these gemstones is because it is literally the hardest substance on earth. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond! Since these stones are so tough they are usually used in an industrial sense. The diamond acts as an abrasive tool in the world today.

Diamonds can be dated back as far as 800 BC where they were discovered in ancient India. Diamonds have a deep religious meaning to most Indians and have been treasured for centuries! Now diamonds can be found in almost every region around the world except Europe and Antarctica. There are 27 diamond deposits and mining for these gemstones still goes on today. There are approximately 130 million carats mined annually, which is nearly 9 million dollars.

The reason why diamonds are also such a craze is because everyone uses diamonds in jewelry, for tools, engagement rings, etc. The fact that diamonds are so rare to find and are a naturally substance that is so tough to scientifically regenerate, people feel like they are special and luxurious for owning a diamond themselves. About 49% of most diamonds originate from central and south Africa.

Most people know this information, but they don’t seem to know why. Diamonds are actually from stars. When stars are dying off their cores become pure diamond. This sometimes finds its way to earth and is based in the earths core as well. When volcanic eruptions occur it is basically “Elevatored” up to the earth surface. Then with the correct tools people mine the diamonds out of the earths dirt, rock or any other deposit of where diamonds are usually stored.



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