The Hottest Engagement Ring Trends of 2012

Emerald Cut RingNow that 2012 is coming to an end, let’s take a look back at some of the hottest engagement ring trends and styles that have popped up on the fingers of women everywhere.

The Hottest Engagement Ring Trends of 2012

Palladium Engagement Rings: Platinum diamond rings have ruled the scene for quite some time, but palladium engagement rings did pretty well in 2012. Palladium looks almost identical to platinum and has similar durability and strength. Palladium is also a great choice for those couples that suffer from metal-related allergies. It’s even pretty inexpensive, so for brides on a budget it’s the perfect option.

Colored Gemstones: Celebrities have been wearing colored gemstones for a while, but ever since the Royal wedding, many people are considering this option. This style is usually seen on the trendy fashionista. A colored gemstone can be from a deep-rich ruby to a brilliant sapphire.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Princess cut diamonds used to be the most popular cut for diamonds, but this year it was all about the Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. Asscher cut diamonds look similar to princess cut diamonds, but the little differences make a huge difference in the final price. Asscher cut diamonds use subtle laser cutting to create a multi-facet appearance, which makes the diamond shine brilliantly. This kind of laser cutting also makes small diamonds look much larger than they are – this is perfect for the couple on a budget.

Multiple Stones: 2012 marked the beginning of the diamond engagement ring trend of multiple stones. From pave-set diamonds to eternity bands, multi-stone diamond engagement rings are a trendy way to show your love. Multiple stones look best with a gorgeous platinum or palladium metal band.

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