The Hottest Fall Wedding Trends for 2015

Rustic Wedding

In honor of the summer coming to an end and school sessions beginning, there is no better way to kick start fall with a this years hottest fall wedding trends! Although you have probably seen some of these trends before, that just ensures how hot they are and they are here to stay! From flowers to themes we have got all the best styles for all your favorite wedding details! Whatever your budget or style may be, we are confident there is a trend on this list that will fit in perfectly on your Wedding day!

Obsessed with this theme

Themes: Move over elegant ball rooms and church bells a new trend is coming through, and its studded. This years hottest fad is coming to you straight outta the wild west. This years wedding rage is all about the rustic look and leather studded theme.  Along with personal details elevated to go perfect with the bride and groom, the theme in turn creates a fun relaxing ambiance. Instead of having glass flutes filled to the rim with champagne, and rose covered center pieces, mix and match with some craft brews served in copper mugs, along side some wild flowers. The Soho chic rustic themed weddings are making a big wave for one of the top trends for 2015.


Colors: Using soft pastels paired with brown leather is the new match made in heaven! Earthy tones mixed and matched with pinks and light blues will create the perfect tone for your big day. When picking out your colors for the wedding, keep in mind the season. The pairing of the leather studs, with anything light will go perfectly with what the seasons calls for and the changing of the leaves. This also gives major wiggle room for saving money on bridesmaids dresses by having them not match but in the same color family!

Beautiful Flowers

Flowers: Whether its English roses, wild flowers, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias or lilies, they all continue to be major favorites among brides. However, what we have found is that flowers are usually a personal preference that varies from person to person. So depending on your colors, theme and preference remember that when it comes to flowers you and your soon to be husband will know best.  Bold them up with some copper vases or mason jars, this will go perfect with the Soho chic look you are aiming for.

Antlers for decor!

Ceremony: The traditional ceremony is making its way out the door, and the non traditional ceremony is making its way in. Or rather non ceremony. Many couples are just having a party or celebration to celebrate their union rather than a huge event. People are waiting longer then ever to get married, with careers and children being put first, couples seem to be putting marriage on the back burner. Typically couples aren’t interested in a formal ceremony, but rather a quick trip to city hall will do just fine. Then they plan a party to celebrate where people can let loose and enjoy themselves without the formality. Whatever theme or flowers you choose for your big day remember its all about your love!

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