The Newest Trend: Baby Teeth Jewelry

The Newest Trend: Baby Teeth Jewelry

Baby Tooth Jewelry

The next big thing for new moms out there is baby teeth jewelry! If you aren’t courageous enough to wear your child’s teeth around your neck, now you have the option to wear cloned sterling silver or gold teeth pendants! ABC News just released a news article about this new trend.

Jackie Kaufman is the proud owner of Rock My World shop on She has had over 100 orders placed and expects more to come. It is a modern take on bronze baby shoes. The price for a baby tooth necklace ranges, but is very affordable!  Although bronze shoes are still current, baby teeth has more of a personal touch. When a child looses a tooth it becomes a monumental moment for them. It has become ritual for a kid to place their tooth under the pillow and await the gift the tooth fairy leaves in the wee hours of the night. “You are either repulsed by it or love it,” Kaufman said. We personally think it is a heart warming fad we hope stays in style.

This isn’t the only strange jewelry phenomenon to pop up this decade. More and more businesses are making diamonds generated from corpses of a loved one or the hair from your beloved pet. is a site that reincarnates someone who was very near and dear to your heart into a stunning REAL colored diamond. It is lab created, but still has all of the same chemical compounds to be considered a real diamond.

No matter what you choose to do to remember, expressing it through jewelry is a way of the future. With the dying breed of developing photos we need something to not only capture a moment in time, but capture the spirit of a person you care tremendously for.

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