The Official Wedding Day Checklist

With all of the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, we thought you might appreciate a little checklist to keep you organized as you plan your wedding. So, assuming you have the real heavy lifting under control, like having the perfect wedding rings picked out…  here it is, the official wedding day checklist ~

The Official Wedding Day Checklist

Wedding Day

One year before:

  • Address any skin problems and head to a dermatologist.
  • If you want long hair for your wedding, now is the time to start growing it out!
  • Start a fitness routine so you have plenty of time to get toned before the big day.
  • Start your search for The Dress.
  • Start collecting pictures of your ideal hair and makeup styles.

Nine months before:

  • Start getting your 8 hours a night so you get plenty of rest and look beautiful when you say “I do.”
  • Pick your wedding dress.
  • Pick out the bridesmaid gowns.

Six months before

  • Hire a hairstylist you trust.
  • Hire a makeup artist that can create a style you love.

Two months before:

  • Schedule a practice session with your hairstylist. Bring your veil, too, to test out the look.
  • Begin regular deep conditioning treatments for your hair to make sure it looks perfect for the wedding day.
  • Begin teeth whitening treatments or have your teeth professionally cleaned. You want your teeth to be as white as your dress for pictures!

One month before:

  • Do a final fitting of your dress. Put together your whole ensemble -shoes, veils, everything – to make sure everything is just right.
  • Start sunless tanning if you would like to have a bronze glow on your wedding day.

Two weeks before:

  • Get your final color and haircut before the wedding. Don’t do anything drastic, though. Chances are, you’ll regret it.
  • Get your final facial treatment.

One week before:

  • Catch up on your beauty rest. You need to be well rested so you don’t have any dark circles at the altar.
  • Stay away from sugar, carbs and carbonated beverages to prevent any bloating.
  • Relax. Get a massage and a little down time for yourself.

The day before:

  • Get your nails done. You can never go wrong with a French manicure.
  • Shampoo and deep condition your hair. Next day hair is the easiest to style, so today is the best day to get this done.
  • Drink lots of water for beautiful skin and to stay hydrated.

The wedding day:

  • Begin your morning with a calming bubble bath to stay stress free.
  • Eat breakfast. Don’t forget it! It’s hard to stay focused on an empty stomach.
  • Get your makeup and hair done.
  • Put on your dress and marry the love of your life!


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