The Perfect Proposal – Videos That Went Viral

Not every person is satisfied with the same old engagement ring in the champagne glass at a fancy restaurant proposal. For those of you looking for something a little more out of the box, here are some ideas to make that special night one to remember.

  1. Think about what kind of personality you have as a couple. Are you itching for adventure? Try popping the question in a hot air balloon! Consider all of the characteristics the two of you share and go from there.
  2. Are you and your honey a little more quirky? A scavenger hunt is perfect for a fun-loving couple.  Just hide the clues that will lead her to the final prize!
  3. If you’re not sure where to even start, don’t be scared to as her friends for a little advice. They may just have the inside scoop of what kind of wedding proposal she dreams of having.
  4. Do you remember where your first date was? Your first kiss? Take her there and ask her to be yours forever.
  5. For pet lovers, tie the ring to the collar of your pet. She will be shocked to see a gorgeous diamond engagement ring dangling from the neck of her furry friend!

Don’t forget to keep the comfort level of your future wife in mind. If she prefers to have the attention diverted from her, then don’t put her in a situation where all eyes are in her direction. This is an incredibly special night for her, make it beautifully extraordinary!


The Perfect Proposal Videos That Went Viral


Street Dance Proposal

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