The Perks of Having a Cubic Zirconia

The Perks of Having a Cubic Zirconia

The Perks of Having a Cubic Zirconia

Wearing a cubic zirconia engagement ring allows women to indulge in lavish rings without emptying their bank accounts. The idea of a cubic zirconia diamond might affect some people negatively because it isn’t a “real” diamond. The funny thing is, most people wouldn’t even  be able to tell a diamond ring isn’t actually a “diamond” ring unless you were told!

This synthetic gem is one of the most widely-bought items! A cubic zirconia has stayed the most gemologically and economically crucial competitor for a diamonds since production began in 1976. What makes these stones so important? The hardness and refractions are almost identical to those of a diamond.

Bravo star Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewife of Orange County sported a huge cubic zirconia ring on her trip to Puerto Rico with fellow cast-mates. Wearing an exaggerated diamond is becoming a trend not only for cost, but safety issues as well. Some of the perks is knowing if you were ever in the situation of a robbery you aren’t at a loss to hand over your jewels.

Most people want the traditional diamond stone because of its eliteness and hierarchy over every other gemstone. If money isn’t at a high settling for a CZ could be the right choice!

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