The Rise of the Mangagement Ring

I never really understood why men never wore an engagement ring before now, the trend was sparked in the late 1920’s by jewelers around the United states. With countless efforts made by major companies such as Macy’s, who tried to promote diamond rings for men but were unsuccessful due to the wide spread assumption of femininity that came along with diamond rings.  According to Urban Dictionary a Mangagemet ring is “an  engagement ring  worn by a man. Often worn by men in a relationship with a more progressive partner. Usually applies to heterosexual couples. Man + Engagement Ring= Mangagement ring” It has been found in our research of the mangagement ring that only 5% of men wear one today. However we are predicting that with this new age generation, the mangagement ring will be the new frontier in the engagement ring industry.

<3 we loveSome may question the idea of the mangagement ring, but you could flip it around in a controversy as to why women wear them as well. Women wear them to ward off any prospective men looking for a lady, as well as to show the world that she is taken. So we thought it’s high time the lady-only engagement ring makes way for the mangagement ring, so that a male status of engagement is visible for all to see immediately upon engagement. Although the mangagement ring hasn’t blasted off in today’s market quite as fast as we had hoped for, we have found that many are just sparkling up their wedding bands with diamond accents instead.

Beautiful Mangagement Ring

With equal rights for LGBT couples making head way with the new supreme court ruling that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states, mangagement rings are sure to climb to an all time high in the coming years jewelers predict. With high hopes that the mangagement ring will soon take off not only in the LGBT community, but in the straight community as well, we are finding that partners are wanting a ring for themselves as well as their significant other earlier then the actual wedding itself.

Oh Em GeeNot only is sexuality making a huge wave in our generations practice of love, but also courtship. With the vast expansion of social media growing every single day, research shows that women are approaching men more today for dates then ever before. Before cell phones, computers, Instagram or Facebook, your grandmother was most likely asked out by your grandfather after acquiring her parents permission first. Today, dates are asked through text and computers. Maybe even in person if your lucky. All rules are out the door. So shouldn’t that be for engagements as well?

Johnny Dep Mangagement Ring YES!Many may not be aware but mangagement rings are popular among some of our favorite celebrities. Jennifer Hudson presented an engagement ring to her hubby. Famous singer Michael Buble wore one while engaged to his beautiful Latin fiancee, claiming it was tradition in her home country in South America. It is also known that Johnny Depp also wore an engagement ring that sported a giant diamond center. Hey if one of the sexist men in Hollywood can sport a mangagement ring, then why cant your man too?

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