The Top Most Common Proposal Mistakes

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Popping the question isn’t something that should be taken lightly by any means, for men it is a giant leap of faith that leaves them completely exposed. For women, it is something that we have dreamt about since childhood, a magical moment full of fireworks and romance (figuratively speaking of coarse). However men and women don’t always end up on the same page, especially when it comes to the proposal. To pull off the perfect proposal it takes not only soul searching, but meticulous planning and treated with tenderness. Although true love may conquer all, there are many common proposal fails that can make that magical moment fall flat on its face quicker than expected.

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Proposing Without a Ring….WTH:

If your relationship is described as one that cant be broken by any force on earth; but if your planning on proposing without a ring, I can guarantee you that your unbroken bond will be in fact become broken. Proposing without a ring isn’t only a sure sign that your not ready but also relays an underlying message that your not serious about the relationship. A ring isn’t just about the diamond, or the cost, its a timeless representation of your love as well as a promise to remain faithful. Whatever your budget or situation may be, getting down on one knee without a ring is just a slap in the face. Without the ring it just proves that marriage isn’t something you have truly considered or reflected upon. Whatever the carat weight may be or the cost, just remember its not about the ring itself, its a symbol of your future together and ensure the faith and love you have for your bond as a couple.

How He asked

Keep it on the Down Low

Unless you haven’t discussed marriage or your future together, that may be something to consider. For those of you who have talked about your future together, that usually is a green light for planning the proposal. My personal favorite part about proposals is the element of surprise, even if she has an idea that its on its way, you can always plan something that will have her utterly stunned! One of the most importing parts is keeping the plans under wrap, the more people you tell about your big surprise the more the cat will come out of the bag. There is nothing worse then knowing the surprise before the big revel.

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Make a Plan

Although living in the moment may be great for somethings, proposing is not one of them. Going in without a plan can not only be risky but also a potential set up for failure. Pulling off the perfect proposal takes time and planning. Whether it’s something as small as making dinner reservations a fancy restaurant or taking her to her favorite spot in the city. Taking it a step further with some planning and persuasion will go a long way. With the expression of your plans the gesture will express your love which is the most important part, but with all the attention to detail it will make it an emotional moment that she will never forget.

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