The Wedding Cheat Sheet: How to Save

The Wedding Cheat Sheet: How to Save

The Wedding Cheat Sheet: How to Save

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  • Make sure to get cotton paper instead of linen or jacquard the price is substantially lower and it looks just as good! Another thing to keep in mind that classic white or off-white (cream) with black ink is the most economic choice for invitations! The last thing to remember is have your invitations printed with thermography, this is a printing that uses heat to give a raised-letter appearance and the best part, it costs half the price of engraving and looks virtually identical!
  • Fold and Envelope Yourself- We know this can be very time consuming and planning a wedding might not give you enough hours in a day to fold and envelope invites yourself, but most stationers will charge you a fee for folding an invite! Make this a fun get-together with your bridal party or have your fiancé help you out!
  • Try to bulk your order! Getting invites, seating arrangements, RSVP slips and save the date cards all from one retailer could get you a better deal altogether!

Venue Cheats

  • Have a Destination Wedding! When we say destination we actually mean have a wedding close to your home, but far enough that your guests don’t have to spend a ton to get there! For example if you are from South Florida travel to Jupiter Beach and have a destination just a couple hours away!
  • Country Club Membership-If you are a member in a elite club or organization sometimes they will give you a member fee which can knock off at least 60% of the actual cost!
  • Look for Places that Specialize in Weddings-Usually the venues that specialize in weddings will give you a bulk fee which ultimately can lower the price of your wedding. Most wedding venues will throw in catering, flowers, decorations and even a cake!

Flower Steals

  • When choosing the perfect bouquet or center piece make sure you are picking a flower that is in bloom LOCALLY! The price will be so much lower. Just look up flowers in bloom with your location and you should be able to do some personal research via google.
  • Cut Down Labor Costs-Every florist will charge you a labor cost fee try to shy away from this by picking a hand-tied bouquet. It will not only make the price lower, but maybe your flowers will get down in a timely matter. Another good thing to remember is choosing one main flower for your center piece/ bouquet will make the labor cost lower.

Food & Drinks

  • Have a cocktail “Half-Hour” this will bring down the alcohol bill and catering bill in half!
  • Have an ethnic dinner menu- Italian or Mexican can be better options instead of a fancy raw bar. Believe it or not but setting up a “taco station” is a lot more economical than most food set-ups!
  • Have a special staff dish-When you are planning menu options make sure to have a more simple option for the videographer, band, photographer, etc. The plates are one of the most expensive parts of a wedding so save those extra bucks on an inexpensive option for the staff!

Cake Options

  • Fake It! If you consult with your baker and ask them to use a fake cardboard decorated top tier for your cake it will cut the cost! Guests won’t even realize it is fake! We swear! Another thing you can do is ask for a less expensive filling option. For example using a jam instead of chocolate mousse can cut the cake spending in half!
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