The Worst Things About Being a Bridesmaid

Its wedding season, and it feels like everyone and their grandmothers are getting married except for you. In many cases depending on the person, this can land you smack dab in the middle of the wedding party all thanks to the bridesmaid betrothal. Its alright, no need to panic, we have gathered together the best of the worst parts aboubt being a bridesmaid, and to avoid complete bridal meltdown.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

1. The Dress…

The Bridesmaids dress has been known to look like a hideous dress that you will most likely never wear again, don’t worry they usually aren’t as bad as you think. And if they are be sure your make up is on point. We wouldn’t want anyone to upstage the bride.

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2. Born to Stand Out…. Or not..

Some women have the choice of picking out a dress from several options the bride has approved (obviously). However many are forced to fall in line with the other bridesmaids and have no uniqueness or individuality. Just remember you can have it any way you want at YOUR own wedding, not hers…

Picture Perfect Bridesmaids

3. Babysitting the Drunken Bride

Shes your girl, its her day, enough said.

Cheers to the New Bride!

4. Coordinating the Bridal Shower, and everything else

When it comes to the bridal shower make sure you keep the party classy. Usually this includes her family members, friends and important people in her life, be sure to keep this rated PG-13. Although when it comes to the Bachelorette Party all bets are off… Go big or go home!

Mint Green Bridesmaids dress!

5. Traveling

If your bride is having the wedding at an exclusive location in which one must fly, this can get costly as well as time consuming. Just be aware to plan in advance when it comes to traveling to your girls big day, not just out of state but to the numerous venues she will be dragging you around too as well.

Picture Perfect!

6. The Big Day

Be aware of the big day and remember that it is HER day, not yours. Practice patience and a good attitude. Things can and will become overwhelming not only for the bride but for you and the bridal party as well. Things will go much smoother with a good outlook on things and take a deep breath!

Beautiful Newely Weds!!

Have Fun!

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