Things To Consider Before Planning a Destination Wedding

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What could possibly be more beautiful then to celebrate your wedding day on the sunny beaches of the tropic isles or in the most romantic city on earth. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing your perfect wedding destination. Its also a great idea to have your wedding and your honeymoon thrown into one trip. While the idea of a magical weekend abroad may seem ideal, no one really tells you the trials and tribulations that come along with planning a destination wedding. We have put together some of the roadblocks you may come across and how to avoid a massive headache when planning your wedding getaway.

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If you are hoping to have your big day abroad (anywhere outside of the United States), you may want to do your research on your marriage license before you go diving in. Marriage license laws differ in various ways from country to country as well as from state to state. Only an acceptable officiant who has been properly ordained (and no the internet doesn’t always count) in that country may officiate the ceremony. In many cases couples must have the marriage license approved by the U.S. government to become a legal document in the States. Also some may find that they must have a second ceremony if it is not gone through proper procedures. So remember to do your homework before saying “I Do

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Another thing to consider is the number of guests that will most likely not be able to make the trip to your big day. Planning a destination wedding isn’t only expensive for the Bride and Groom, but can also get pretty pricey for the guests as well. With all of the expenses that go into a regular wedding, then when you throw a getaway in the mix, that can mean taking time off from work, planning an outfit, and a on top of that purchasing a plane ticket, it can add up really fast. In result this means the bride could end up receiving a lot of RSVP’s with a “will not be attending” box checked off. Don’t take it personally, this doesn’t mean they don’t love you, just means they don’t have paid time off at work. Try and keep it small and make sure your guests are able to make the wedding before booking anything big.

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 Choosing a venue from over the internet can considered a stab in the dark. Its ballsy and can cause your stress levels to reach its all time high. When planning your wedding destination, keep in mind when choosing the venue many people are unable to view it until their actual wedding day! Depending on your location, most venues don’t always depict an accurate view on their website or over the phone. My best advice would be to try finding reviews of the venue online, that way you can get a better feel of the space and its quarks.

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Just remember even if some guests are complaining about making the trip, keep in mind you sent them an invitation, not a summons. Its your big day and you are there to celebrate your love between one another in your dream spot!

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