Three Trending Engagement Rings of 2013

Three Trending Engagement Rings of 2013

Engagement rings are taking our nation by storm. So many people are now concerned with what the characteristics of the ring are rather than the solemn meaning of it. There have been three trends that are becoming so popular like the gemstone engagement ring, floral settings and of course vintage style.

Three Trending Engagement Rings of 2013The Vintage style engagement ring is one of the most famous looks to have, especially since the premiere of The Great Gatsby. Usually a vintage style ring has accent colored gemstones and a geometrical shape. Jessica Biel has one of the most gorgeous vintage styled engagement rings. The center diamond is an 18 carat emerald cut diamond encircled with a halo of pave set diamonds. There are 2 round aquamarine gemstones on the side which is also Biels birthstone.

Three Trending Engagement Rings of 2013

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The second trending engagement ring is gemstone engagement rings. Celebrities like Kate Middleton have shined a new light on the engagement ring center stone for a ring. This is a verstile style. You can have accent diamonds with gemstones, center stones, pave set on the band. The combinations are infinite. Halle Berry is one of the celebrity icons that has a Columbian emerald and two diamond accent stones set in yellow gold. Jessica Simpson is another celebrity with a diamond and ruby ring. The cool thing about gemstone engagement rings is they have a significant meaning, they can represent an emotion or can be your birth stone.

Three Trending Engagement Rings of 2013

The last trending engagement ring style is the floral designed setting. Many are confused and think that a floral setting automatically means the ring is a vintage style, but this isn’t the case. A floral can be vintage depending on the geometrical design and the center stone. When we say floral design we are also referring to an organic shape on the band. Many alternatives to this can be vine-like shapes or a flower halo encircling the center stone!

Trends come and go, but these styles are ones that we are absolutely smitten by! If you have any questions or comments about our blog give us an email at!

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