Tips to Buying the Right Engagement Ring

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There is no real recipe on how to buy the perfect engagement ring, and to be honest there is little advice out there on the topic. Most of the time when you research “engagement ring purchase advice” will spit out amateur answers on how to spot a fake diamond or how to save your pennies. And in some unfortunate cases, you may end up spending way too much money on something that she ends up hating. To avoid all of these horrible scenarios  at all costs, its best that you follow this road map for tips to buying the right engagement ring for your future bride to be.

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Depending on how long you two have been together, you may find yourself in the situation in where she is constantly dropping hints that she wants you to put a ring on it. Whether she is blatantly pointing out the ring she desires or is “accidentally” leaving engagement ring magazines around the house; it may just be time to give in and start researching for her dream ring. My first advice for buying the right engagement ring would be to plan head months in advance, just so the shock of the price doesn’t leave you dead lying in the street. Some researchers suggest that in today’s engagement ring market, the median cost will add up to 2-3 months salary for most Americans. However, many don’t anticipate the accents, and alterations that go into shopping for your diamond ring. Whether its new, pre-loved, or custom designed, there is a chance that it will need to be resized or altered in some way. Be prepared with some extra cash on hand, just in case alterations do in fact need to be preformed.

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If you are clueless of the cut, color, shape, or style ring that your women finds fitting, be sure to question her best friends. When it comes to her pals, 9/10 women have one time or another discussed engagement rings with her best friends. They may be over whelming at first, gushing over the thought of their best girl walking down the aisle, but once the shock factor has settled in they can be very helpful when it comes to choosing the ring as well as the proposal itself. Also be sure that they can keep a secret, nothing is worse than having the surprise ruined by her big mouth friend.

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 Do your research on diamonds, get familiar with the four C’s of diamonds. No one wants to be that guy who goes to purchase a diamond engagement ring and has no clue when it comes to the quality and grade of the diamond itself. So do yourself a favor and research the four C’s of diamonds, it can potentially save you money in the bank, as well as the embarrassment of otherwise not knowing how to shop for diamonds. You can easily get a quick lesson online about how gemologists grade stones, and how to determine if the stone you pick is the perfect stone for your diamond engagement ring.


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