To Elope or Not to Elope… Thats the Question

Many young girls dream of their wedding day to be so over the top amazing that you almost forget all the planning that goes into it. A lot of couples don’t anticipate all the work that goes into planning a wedding. From the first moment you get engaged it becomes a race against the clock to get everything just perfect for the big day. In many cases the wedding planning can unravel and become bigger then expected, especially when it comes to your budget. If you and your soon to be hubby are hitting some major road blocks during the engagement process pertaining to the wedding, there may be some other options to consider before getting your check books out. My personal advise would be to research every option for getting hitched, including eloping.

No Place like city Hall to get the Girl!

Finding the perfect place, time, and people to be there on your big day can be exhausting, stressful, and expensive. The invitation process itself is extensive and can sometimes become an issue. God forbid you don’t invite the right person or invite the wrong person, and they end up causing a frenzy at the reception. No one likes to watch that guy get out of hand during the best man speech, its funny in movies, but not in real life. If you were to elope, it would be more of a romantic experience between the two of you, rather then 200 of your closet friends. Something you will be able to look back on and remember how special it was just for the two of you. Possibly a great spot to return for an anniversary in the years to come!

I heard Eloping is in!

Money. Money. Money. Most couples in America end up spending 45% more on the big day then their original wedding budget inhaled. For many families this can add up fast, creating this huge monster of a bill that can create financial problems for everyone. Don’t let this happen to you. Couples who decide to elope end up saving more money for the honey moon and the ceremony itself, rather than a huge extravagant event. This will create a romantic memory that is shared between you two as well as save you some money in the process. The stress factor will be completely irrelevant without the strain relationships that comes along with creating the guest list.

Elope in Italy :] Perfection

Not a traditional couple? No problem! Forget every wedding tradition you’ve ever known. The only that matters during your elopement is the other person…. the rest is up to you. Not a fan of the white dress? Be bold and go with red! All rules are out the window when it comes to your wedding. The best part is there wont be relatives to put their two cents in to every decision you make for the big day!

Happy Couple <3

The world is your oyster remember you can go elope wherever your heart desires. From the mountain tops of the Swiss Alps, all the way to the little church in Las Vegas, there are absolutely no limitations what so ever, so take advantage of your big day!

I Hear Eloping is In

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