Top 10 Places to Lose Your Engagement Ring

After your fiancé spent all of that time and money on the perfect engagement ring to symbolize the love between the two of you, it would be pretty devastating to accidentally misplace it. Here is a list of the top 10 places to lose your engagement ring.  Take note of where they are typically lost so that you know where to be the most careful.

Top 10 Places to Lose Your Engagement Ring

Home: There are so many places you could lose your ring in your home. So, instead of always placing it in a different spot when you take it off, pick one safe place in your home where you can always put your ring.

Work: There are just some tasks at work that require you to take off your ring because it could be a safety hazard. If this is the case, bring a chain to put your ring on while you’re working so you know that it’s around your neck.

Hotel: Many times you end up putting your ring on the night stand, dresser, or even in the room safe.  Just remember to put a note on the door so that when you’re leaving you’re reminded of where you placed your ring.

At the beach: Once you lose your engagement ring at the beach, it’s gone forever.

Down the drain” It’s pretty risky to take your ring off and put it on the counter when you’re washing your hands.

Boating/Snorkeling: Your fingers shrink in cold water, so wearing one while you’re participating in water sports could lead to a ring that probably will never be found. It’ better just to leave your ring at home then take it into the water with you.

Airports: You may have to take your ring off when going through security. If this is the case, bring a bright colored ring box so that when you put it in the plastic bin, it’s easy to spot.

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