Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends 2013

Top 3 Engagement Ring TrendsAttention brides-to-be! Are you ready for what’s to come in the world of engagement rings in 2013? 2013 is bringing cool cuts, intricate settings, and modern styles that go way beyond the good ole classic solitaire look. Check out these four trends to look out for:

Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends 2013

Halos – Halos were a big deal and 2012 and will continue to be for a while! This is a top-selling design because its unique, vintage shape emits fiery brilliance, which just means more sparkle for you! Some designers are now even offering two-tiered halo settings to create the impression of an even larger solitaire.

Big and Bold – Bigger is better, wouldn’t you agree? There are now new, bold styles that not only have a three-stone center, but also feature a halo design to maximize the “wow” factor.

Unique center stones and bands – Opt for a center stone that is more visually interesting than the typical round stone or plain solitaire. Choose designs that give off the appearance of a different shape. Tweak tradition just enough to be modern, but timeless.

Stacks –Many brides are now moving right into the stacking element when it comes to their wedding bands. There’s no harm in having more than one wedding band, so feel free to stack ‘em up! Many couples even give another band for their anniversary and the two rings will sit on either side of their engagement ring right in front.

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