Top 4 Engagement Ring Trends of 2012

Every year fashion and the style of women is changing, meaning that engagement ring trends are constantly changing, too. Here is a list of what women find to be the most stylish engagement rings of 2012.

Style 1: Pavé Diamonds

With this pavé setting, tiny, faceted, fully cut stones are put incredibly close together so  the metal around them isn’t visible.

Style 2: Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings have become extremely popular this season. Vintage-inspired rings typically have an Old European round center cut diamond, though some have a beautiful Asscher cut as well. These rings also feature scroll-like engraving and intricate detail all along the band.

Style 3: Colored Stones

Everywhere you look celebrities are flashing around their gorgeous engagement rings with colored stones from canary yellow diamonds, blue and pink sapphires and  rare light pink diamonds. These diamonds are quite versatile – they can be modern, classic, or vintage depending on the setting you choose. Whichever setting you decide on, a colored diamond is a great way to make a trendy statement.

Style 4: Stacked Rings

Stacking a few rings, such as eternity bands with stones around the whole band, is very stylish. Stacking rings is very modern and flexible; you can wear them with or without you’re an engagement rings. In fact, a great idea may be to start with one, allowing your husband to have an opening for gift possibilities for your anniversaries to come!

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