Top 4 Men’s Wedding Band Trends of 2012


These days, it’s not enough to get your future hubby just some plain old ring. No, now you have to get creative with your wedding band choices. I mean, you don’t want your man to be stuck with some drab ring for as long as you both shall live now, do you? Check out these 4 wedding band trends that the love of your life will be proud to wear!

Top 4 Men’s Wedding Band Trends of 2012

Personalized Wedding Bands. Don’t just go for the typical gold one-size-fits-all wedding band. Every man is different. Does your guy spend a lot of time outdoors? Choose platinum over gold and avoid matte finishes, decorative details, and gemstones. They are just a recipe for disaster.

Comfort Comes First. Designers are doing everything they can to make wedding bands more comfortable for men. They now have rings that are plain and tapered on the bottom, where all of the abuse happens, allowing that part to always stay on the bottom. This means that the top of the ring will stay beautiful and intact.

Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend, too. Diamonds in a man’s wedding band use to be a bit…odd. But not anymore, in fact they actually seem to be a sign of sophistication in today’s society. Keep it classy though; the best-sellers are more subtle, lacking an overload of flash.

Platinum, Please. Probably the most popular kind of wedding band today is the platinum band with a matte finish. But you have to be careful with these; they easily show scratches because of the matte.

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