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The Rules of Engagement Series

You’ve finally found her — the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re planning the most romantic proposal around, complete with paparazzi friends to capture that special moment in your relationship. But you know that the most important detail is the diamond engagement ring that you will present her with. Every girl has dreamed of this moment for her entire life, so follow these five tips to ensure you get it right when you pop the question.

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1 Get a diamond ring. Diamond engagement rings are a classic, timeless example of unending love.

2 Shape matters. Find out if she prefers a princess cut, a marquis diamond or a classic round diamond.

3 Do some snooping and figure out what she likes. Chances are she has left you clues around the house. Check to see if she has bookmarked any diamonds or ring styles on the Internet. Ask her friends if she has dropped any hints.

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4 Consider the metal the band will be made of. Popular choices right now include platinum and white gold.

5 Always look up customer reviews of a company, especially when using an online vendor.

If you follow these five simple steps, you are sure to get the girl of your dreams the ring she has been dreaming of her entire life. It’s the best way to start your engagement, your marriage and the rest of your lives together.

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