Top 5 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

Fall in love!

Well he did it, he got down on one knee and asked you to be his wife! Sound like congratulations are in order! After the excitementbegins to die down what do you do next? Where do you even begin? To be honest there isn’t a right or wrong way on what to do after you get engaged. However we have gathered some tips on what you may way to think about the moments after you get engaged. Some of these can help tremendously in the wedding planning process in regards to your bank account and your relationship with your new fiancé!

1. Weekly Dates

Just because you two are engaged doesn’t mean your relationship should change, many couples have a hard time spending time together outside of the wedding planning.  Planning a wedding is hard, it can cause problems, stress and can eventually lead to remorse towards your partner. Don’t let planning your big day get in the way of why you two were getting hitched in the first place. If you set some time aside each week for you two to have some fun without any wedding planing thrown in the mix. This will be sure to remind you of the love that started it all!

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2. Grooms Wedding Band

Depending on your mans taste in jewelry, most guys are more on the simpler side and prefer a wedding band without diamonds. However if he does want a band with diamonds, i would try and find one at a local jeweler. If he is more drawn towards a simpler band, you may want to steer clear of jewelers and check your online sources. A lot of mens wedding bands are over priced and under delivered. Just begin your research early in the game and this should save you some money in the process.

3. Create Your Wedding Registry

The sooner the better. This will give you plenty of time to create your wedding registry and plan whatever gifts you get into your new life. Also a good place to start is Amazon Registry, many people don’t know this but Amazon has a “universal” registry. This means that you can return any item from any store even if its not on Amazons online website! This also opens up the door for a much wider selection of gifts from your guests!

I Love You

4. Talk it out

Have a discussion with your partner on any underlying issues you may have. Honesty is the key to a happy and healthy marriage, and the best way to make that happen is by starting off that way. Be sure to tell your partner anything and everything before the marriage, full discloser is the best way to keep your hubby happy!

5. Kisses… lots of kisses!

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