Top 5 Wedding Guest Myths Debunked


Here the one about the guests at former Newcastle United star Danny Guthrie’s wedding? Well, he got sloshed and ended up punching the bride! Seriously! Look it up. So it’s no wonder why there are etiquette rules in place for guest to follow at a wedding.

Most of the “rules” go along with attending a wedding, and frankly, it’s hard to say which ones are fact and which are fiction. We are here to help you decipher the difference before you show up on the happy couple’s wedding day. So… if you have a wedding to attend and you are literally sweating the small stuff, check out these…

Top 5 Wedding Guest Myths Debunked

Myth #1: You can’t wear black. This really only applies if you’re attending a springtime wedding during the day. Otherwise, a dark dress is perfectly fine to wear to an evening wedding. Don’t worry, people aren’t going to think that you’re outfit is gloomy and better suited for a funeral. Plus, all attention is on the bride anyway!

Myth #2: All wedding-related questions go to the bride and groom. The lovely couple has enough on their hands – give them some breathing room and ask someone else for the information that you need. The bridesmaids and groomsmen most likely know exactly how to help you; if not, the information may even be on the couple’s wedding website (if they have one). Either way, the bride and groom should be your last resort.

Myth #3: Shopping from the registry is impersonal.

The registry is there for a reason. Sure, it may seem cute and sweet to buy them something that shows just how well you know the couple, but they chose the items on the registry because they are things they want or need. If you want to make it personal, write a little note or letter showing why you bought that particular gift. This will let them know you put some thought into it.

Myth #4: An invitation means you can bring a date.

Couples are planning their wedding on a budget, so unless the invite says “and guest” or “plus one,” don’t assume you can bring a date. Increasing the size of the guest list just might not be an option for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Myth #5: The couple is responsible for your accommodations.

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve traveled to make it to the wedding, the couple doesn’t have to pay for your hotel or let you stay with them. Most couples will reserve rooms at a hotel so their guests get a good rate, but don’t assume they are taking care of the bill.


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