Topics That Should Never Be Brought When Giving a Wedding Toast

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While most weddings hold an elegant and yet beautiful aroma about them, filled with love and adornment from family and friends, many are quickly clouded when it comes to hearing the wedding toast. Whether the toast is short and sweet, or is dragged out way beyond its expired date, be prepared to shrug it off afterwords, cause in all honesty when it comes to most wedding toasts, usually someone ends up mortified. From awkward to offensive we have seen some of the worst wedding toasts around. So if you should ever be asked to give a toast at a wedding or be the one who pics up the mic in a drunken stupor, there are some topics that should just be avoided at all costs.

Wedding Toasts to Stay Away From !Previous Relationships: Aka your death certificate. If you are wishing to end your life via the bride, then be sure to bring up past relationships of ether the groom or the bride. One of the biggest shock factors when it comes to the famous wedding toast, is when the best man (or whomever is giving the toast) takes a trip down memory lane specifically during the couples single years. Not only will this mortify both the Bride and Groom, this can potentially ruin the vibe for the rest of the night. Everyone has past relationships that they aren’t proud of, but that doesn’t condone the embarrassment of revisiting them, I’m pretty sure none of us need to know the secrets of your last fiance and how he liked to lick feet. There are just some things that are better left unsaid. Past relationships being one of them.


Your own failed relationships. Yes of course weddings always make us reflect upon our own relationships, past or present, but to bring up your failed marriage during the toast of a new one just doesn’t seem appropriate. Its almost a bad omen “I hope you two last longer then Jenny and I” isn’t something I would want to hear at my own wedding reception. Every single couple is different, try and remember that just because your marriage didn’t work out, doesn’t mean theirs wont. So put your own relationship on the back burner and reflect on all the wonderful things about the couple you admire instead of talking all about your past failures.


Insults. Sometimes they can be hilarious, other times they can fall flat and just be embarrassing. A compliment wrapped into an insult isn’t something I would recommend ether.  “Kyle, my grungy older brother, who would have ever thought that anyone would ever want to sleep with him is beyond me, but I am truly happy for him” That just isn’t going to be received well by the groom or his new wife. Just stay away from the double edge compliments.

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Keep in mind when giving a toast at a wedding is not only an tradition that comes with honor, it’s a commitment to the bride and groom! The entire party will be focused in on your words, so make the most of it and avoid the bad puns. One of our favorite quotes comes from Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, when it comes to giving a wedding toast “I think you are better off going with something from the heart honestly”


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