Traditional vs. Trendy: Which Engagement Ring is Right for You?

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An engagement ring should be as unique as the print on the finger that wears it. The ring is incredibly personal so when choosing between traditional and trendy, you should consider your personality.

Traditional vs. Trendy: Which Engagement Ring is Right for You?

Choose a Trendy Engagement Ring If…

  • You know you will eventually upgrade your ring. Many couples later change the stones in a ring when they are better able to afford the size they want.
  • You want the latest fashion. You’ve seen Carrie Underwood‘s ring and you want one just like it- go for trendy.
  • You want a ring that stands out. Current trends such as canary-yellow diamonds make a bold statement.

Go for Traditional If…

  • Your engagement ring is a family heirloom.
  • You want something timeless and you plan to keep the same ring your whole marriage.
  • Your style is a classic. If you dream of being Audrey Hepburn then traditional is probably more your style.

When you pick your engagement ring consider which would better suit your style but don’t mistake traditional for boring or trendy for careless. Neither style is better than the other, it may just be better for you.


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