Traveling with Your Engagement Ring

traveling with your engagement ringYou just recently booked your summer honeymoon trip to Europe and you’re ecstatic to say the least.  As you look down at your phone to add all of the exciting details to your calendar and text your girlfriends, your diamond engagement ring flashes in the corner of your eye and you get to thinking.  Is it going to be safe to travel with my new beloved engagement ring and wedding band?

traveling with your engagement ring

While some of you may never question taking your engagement ring off, there are many of us that like to take preventative measures. After all, for some purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band are some of the biggest purchases you make in your life.  Not even just monetary value wise, but an engagement ring tends to also be the most sacred piece of jewelry we own.

Traveling is by far one of my favorite hobbies (aside from diamonds and engagement rings of course) so it only felt right to shed some light to my fellow engagement ring enthusiasts and travel lovers out there.

traveling with your engagement ring

Just because you’re about to travel to an unknown country, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t bring your engagement ring along for the ride.  Below you’ll find some helpful tips to consider when you’re thinking about traveling with your engagement ring.


Something you’ll want to make sure you do once you get your engagement ring is make sure that you get it insured. Jewelry insurance can be compared to other insurance policies you have.

traveling with your engagement ring

For example say your engagement ring is worth $20,000.  First you’ll have your ring appraised, this makes it possible for insurance providers to give you accurate and sufficient coverage options.  When you’re getting your jewelry insurance quote, make sure you understand everything that is covered and included.

So what will your jewelry insurance cover?  This varies depending on the coverage you select.  Some going indicators to look for in your coverage would be: loss, theft and accidental damage.  In some cases, if you end up with a really good insurance plan, you’ll also be covered for unexplained loss, also known as “mysterious disappearance”.

traveling with your engagement ring

While your engagement ring may have came with warranty, it’s still highly recommended to obtain jewelry insurance as well.  Warranties will usually only cover fixing manufacture defects and oftentimes are very limited with restrictions and limitations.

With that being said, make sure before you go anywhere you get insurance for your engagement ring.

Learn About Your Destination

traveling with your engagement ring

A favorite tool of mine to use here is Travel.State.Gov.  Before embarking on any trip.  Actually, before you even book a trip it’s beneficial to learn about your destination.  Especially if you’re visiting a place you’ve never been before, you’ll want to get the rundown on specific country information, travel warnings and travel alerts happenings.

traveling with your engagement ring

Learning about where you’re going is not only helps plan whether or not to travel with your jewelry, but helps with the trip entirely.  Just like you wouldn’t have shown up to your final exam in college without studying the material or going to class during the semester, you want to be knowledge.

Alternatives to Your Engagement Ring

In essence, traveling and vacationing is usually a time to break from your original routine and daily troubles.  Oftentimes, you’ll hear people mention the simple rule when it comes to traveling – don’t bring anything you’d mind or worry about losing.

traveling with your engagement ring

Parting with your engagement ring, after being a newlywed especially, seems like a daunting thought.  A few things to keep in mind would be your destination and the activities you plan on doing while on vacation.  Minimal is more in this case.  The destination you’re heading to might not be a place you want to come off too flashy. Perhaps you decide to switch it up and wear a less expensive traveling ring or band on your wedding finger instead.

On the other note, if you do plan on traveling with your engagement ring – make sure the insurance policy is in place and you’ll be good to go.


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