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English: Diamond Engagement Ring with side stones – In Platinum – 1791 Diamonds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Engagement ring styles tend to recycle over the decades, with minor changes made every year to bring in a new trend. This year’s trend has been to modernize the vintage styles, since vintage has been making a comeback.

Trending Engagement Rings

The first trending engagement ring is the “halo.” The halo is basically a solitaire set low, with a ring, or halo, of diamonds around the large diamond. This style makes the ring look bigger and is vintage inspired. The band is also usually thin, but can be plain or have diamonds accentuated into it. Kate Middleton and Natalie Portman both have this type of ring.

The second trend is colored rings. Instead of a plain diamond, many people are opting for colored diamonds, such as chocolate or canary, or even attempting a different kind of stone, such as rubies.

Last, the third trend is twisted bands. Infinity looped bands are becoming a major trend as it signifies ‘forever.’

Whether you’re into the halo, colored, or twisted look, or a combination of two or all of them, you’re sure to end up with one of the trendy engagement rings of the year.

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