Tricks to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger Than it is!

Bigger is better! Right? Well not in this case, diamonds can be very expensive to begin with, especially when they get bigger in size. However there are a few tricks to get that small diamond to look like a huge rock! The best part about it, is it doesn’t always require you to spend more cash! We have put together a few tips on how to make your stone look slightly larger while saving you some cash in the process.


Its not the size that counts, but the cut of the diamond that really catches the eye. If you choose a diamond that is small in carat weight, be sure it is a well-cut diamond with proper angles and facets, it will not only be beautiful and brilliant, but look larger and it adds to the visual dimension of the stone. Round cut diamonds, although may be the most popular cut, can be the priciest. Step away from the popular demand and choose a diamond that shape stands out from the crowd, and helps your wallet at the same time.

Vintage Engagement Ring-Dream Ring


When it comes to finding your perfect ring, it depends on the kind of girl you are. If you are more on the simple side choose a setting for your diamond that has slim and long prongs, giving your diamond the lift and elevation that it needs to look bigger. If you are more of a complex kind of girl and like your ring to show the your uniqueness as a person, try and fancy up the setting with a designer look. With little additives such as beading or a decorative shank, this can spice up your ring a lot within your budget!

Double the trouble, Double the fun! Love these beauties!

Metal Color:

Choosing your metal can be a hard task, however choosing the metal color can be even harder. To dramatize your diamond, try to stick with a white color metal to give the mirror effect of a bigger diamond. Another trick is to add a rose gold color to give your ring a two tone effect to add uniqueness.

Dream Ring! Verragio you've done it again!

Put a Halo on it:

Adding a halo to accentuate your diamond has been a popular addition in the engagement ring industry in the past. The halo has returned by popular demand and is now being used to make your center diamond stand out even more!  Choosing a halo engagement ring allows you to choose a smaller center diamond and amplify the look and size of it with smaller diamonds all along the sides. Halos can be shaped around any stone, depending on the look you are going for. This will help save you money on the smaller diamond, rather then the larger diamond and price.

Fiesty and Feirce!

Accent Stones:

If you are looking to add a bit more bling to your ring, look no further than side stones. When you add accent stones to a ring, you begin to complement the center stone so that it doesn’t have to do all of the impressing on its own. In this case if you do add smaller stones, you won’t increase the cost nearly as much as if you had increased the size of the center stone.

Halo Fabulous!

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