Is it True Love? Find Out if Your Love is Everlasting

Is it True Love? Find Out if Your Love is Everlasting

Is it True Love? Find out Here

Are you at that point in your relationship where you want to know if it is just for the now or will last the tides of times?  After the 6 month point most relationships either prevail or fail. There are just a few questions you need to ask yourself…

Does you both share a similar sense of humor? One thing that keeps a couple afloat is if there is a great tone to the relationship. If you can laugh with him and smile constantly that is a good sign the relationship will last. It is scientifically proven that laughing will decrease depression. No one wants to be with someone that is constantly unimpressed by your jokes or stories, try and find a mate that will cherish every funny word out of your mouth.

Can you Stay Away? Taking a breather from your significant other doesn’t necessarily mean you are growing apart, in fact studies show that being away from your partner gives a sense of anxiety and excitement to reconnect. Taking some days to be with your girlfriends should always be an option. Don’t define yourself through your boyfriend, it may seem that you have to give him all your time, but it isn’t very healthy. If you are with someone that needs you to himself all the time, re-evaluate.

Do you both Understand Each other? One of the most prized possession in a relationship is being able to connect on more than just a physical level. Do you both know each others thoughts and feelings on situations? What are your aspirations, what are his? Being able to understand how you both think is very important and can make or break a relationship. I don’t mean can you finish each others thoughts, its much deeper than that, can you both completely understand what the other is feeling during a particular situation.

Do you Have Similar Goals? Similar interests and similar goals are two totally different things. You don’t have to both be in to the same bands or the same television shows, what I am talking about is do you both want to have children one day? Where is your dream job, or do you just want to work in a stand still desk job your whole life? How about living situations, do you want to one day move in with each other. Do not rush into these type of conversations, but after about 8 months if it hasn’t been talked about you should really start up a conversation about it.

How do you Both Argue? Ugh, this is a topic that gives me anxiety just to think about. When you and your man are fighting does it go on for days or do you solve it quickly? One piece of advice that is a necessity is try not to go to bed without making up, the next day will be hostile and you both will be upset no one has apologized yet. Having a SOBER, light argument about something you are upset about is the best way, do not justify anything if you hurt your significant other’s feelings just bite the bullet and say sorry. On the other side of the spectrum, if you both have never fought this can be a bad sign.

Can you be Open? In the beginning it can be hard to trust your boyfriend/ girlfriend with very in-depth feelings. Being able to open up can liberate you in ways you didn’t even know were possible. If there is something you really need to express you need to be able to have someone that is completely open and there for you.

Are You Attracted to Them? This may seem like a very shallow entry, but if you aren’t attracted to your boyfriend or girlfriend it might not last. We aren’t just talking about outside looks, although this helps, but are they so sexy on the inside that its an instant attraction? You need to be able to think to yourself, “Wow my boyfriend is a hottie”.

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