Two of the Cutest Proposals…Told by Men!

Two of the Cutest Proposals…Told by Men!

Engagement Stories, told by a man

So lets hear it for the boys today! You know, those people that clearly drive us crazy, but in some way our love for them escalates everyday. We all know about this trendy fad, proposal videos! But this isn’t just your average cute video, we have the inside scoop on how it feels to be a guy proposing to his lady!

The first video is is between a post grad Medical Laboratory Science student Christopher and his fiancé Lily. At his graduation party he flipped the switch by turning it into an engagement party. He serenaded Lily by singing All of Me by John Legend…here’s his story on the proposal.

“Being in college the past couple years has shown me to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. Whether it may be configuring a cellular structure of a malignant cell or knowing the best answer in treating a sick patient, overcoming stress and anxiety has been something that I have easily overcome. This was not the case during my proposal to my fiancé.

Heart beating, nerves firing, sweat glands perspiring this is a description of me while planning my proposal in my head two days before. Yes, there is that notion that the more you go over and practice what you will say the better it will be. Yea but there is also the saying that all asians are not good a math. 

I am not gonna lie, nervousness would have been an understatement when everything was unfolding. I decided to serenade my future fiancé so even my singing turned into something sounding like a boy reaching puberty. But what is the most important thing in this matter? The effort and message that you are willing to do anything for this person you so deeply love.

Simply put,  the pressure you put on yourself when proposing will always surpass even your greatest expectation. The only opinion that should matter and will matter is that special someone that your  eyes are focused on when that moment comes when on that bended knee. Be creative, be spontaneous and be charming those are the keys to a great story.”

Maurice (the guy playing guitar in the video above) also sparked some creativity when he proposed to his now wife. He did a rendition of A Thousand Years by Christina Perry and sang it to perfection! It was during Christmas time and hinted at his song being in the spirit of the holidays, little did she expect a proposal at the end!

“I proposed to Jennie at my parents backyard patio. We have an annual family Christmas party that has been a tradition as long as I can remember.  Growing up my parents always pushed me to perform. It was a very stereotypical Filipino thing for them to do. I was somewhat used to being in front of crowds singing/playing guitar for the church choir, and singing in a “boy band” in college called 5Gether, but this was different. It was the single most nerve-racking thing of my life! I knew Jennie would say, “yes”. We talked about getting married early on when we first started dating. I was nervous and anxious because this was a once in a lifetime step, a journey into manhood, and incredibly emotional! I thought out every possible detail and practiced every chance I got when Jennie wasn’t around. I wanted it to be special for Jennie because she deserved the best, but most of all I wanted to make sure I could make it through without crying uncontrollably, snot bubbles dripping and all. It was amazing to have many of our close family and friends present to share the moment with us.”

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