Types of Eternity Rings

Some Types of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings have been seen on the fingers of many women in a variety of  different arrangements and styles. Though the general appearance of the eternity ring is quite simple to spot, there are definitely variations to the piece.

A symbol of everlasting love, the eternity ring is something that is extremely important to the woman wearing it. Luckily, there are a few cool ways to show it off:


Platinum and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Band 11CTW

Traditional (“Full- Eternity”)

 The band of a traditional eternity ring will be fully covered by whichever gem or stone you happen to choose. This style is much more classic and traditional, and has thus spawned off its newer counterpart, the “half- eternity,” as explained below.

“Half- Eternity”

An alternative to the tradional full-band adornment is to only have the gems or diamonds  across the face of the ring. Don’t be fooled by the name, though; this ring still has the same intention as a “full-eternity” ring, which is meant to promise love for a full eternity— no skimping here! This style might be better for those women who do a lot of tasks with their hands, as a “full-eternity” ring could be a bit of a nuisance in this aspect.

Eternity Rings

18K Rose Gold and Diamond Stackable Eternity Ring Size 6.25


Stackable eternity rings are perfect if you’ve got the expectation for more rings to accompany it (that big ole’ rock will look quite nice!). Because eternity rings are usually either given before engagement or during a special anniversary, the ring has the ability to serve as a secondary accesssory to your engagement ring and/or wedding band.

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